“widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality.”

Prestige Car Guide is exclusively focused on vehicles and the associated lifestyle choices that fulfil the above definition. If it’s not here it’s not prestige!

We are the ONLY truly independent voice of Australian motoring focused on Prestige Cars. We help buyers make educated buying decisions.

Prestige Car Guide provides the best car advice to readers with our in depth car reviews, practical motoring tips, our drive impressions and latest autonews from our autoexperts. Prestige Car Guide helps buyers decide whichcar to buy and navigate carsales bullshit. Prestige Car Guide provides readers  the motor report on latest cars from behind the wheel of the car. We give readers a choice with our thorough carsguide format.

Prestige Car Guide is like a virtual carshowroom and through our product reviews we tell you the truth about cars and let you know which is Australia’s best cars. Prestige Car Guide is also a web based e-magazine that is focused on the Auto industry in Australia. Prestige Car Guide has all the latest Automotive news and reviews in easy reading style on the cars that Buyers and our subscribers want to read about.

With the continued support of car manufactures, Prestige Car Guide aims to bring you the detailed reports on the latest releases and provide an insight into the Automotive market. There is an article on here for everyone that is either looking to buy a Prestige Car or just like reading about them and dreaming.

Prestige Car Guide aims to help and entertain everyone, so we encourage everyone to comment and let us know what they would like to see.

We hope our Prestige Car Guide site is useful for you.

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Our Team

Rob Fraser – General dogsbody & Director

Rob is the founder of the business. Coming from a Financial services background, where everyone drives a prestige car, he has a unique perspective on the market segment.

He has owned a number of prestige cars himself amongst the way too many cars he has owned in his time. Having previously lived at the top of corporate life he retired in 2000 and hasn’t put a suit and tie on since. Cars are his passion so why not have a business doing what you love he figures.

The Prestige Car Guide eventuated from a continual demand from Rob’s strong ties to the financial services world and the advice he still provides to prospective buyers.



Alan Zurvas – Contributing Editor

Alan’s interest in cars began in his early teens and has been a member of several car clubs having owned a number of classic cars himself. He has a background in the corporate sector and has reviewed everything from restaurants to theatre and accommodation before settling on motoring. Alan is the founder of Gay Car Boys and is a contributing Editor to Prestige Car Guide.

Alan has a natural affinity with Prestige Cars and the associated lifestyle.




David Brown – Freelance Contributor

OzRoamer David Brown Profile

David’s boyhood passion for motor cars did not immediately lead to a professional role in the motor industry but rather first he worked in the fields of why we travel and how we move about. A qualified Civil Engineer he specialised in traffic engineering and transport planning working with the NSW authorities and NRMA.

His half hour motoring program “Overdrive” has been described as an “informed, humorous and irreverent look at motoring and transport from Australia and overseas”. It is heard on 22 stations across Australia. He does weekly interviews with several ABC radio stations and is also heard on commercial radio in Sydney.

David has written for metropolitan and regional newspapers and has presented regular segments on metropolitan and regional television stations.

Vicki Fraser – Accounts Admin and Contributor

OzRoamer Vicki Fraser Profile

Vicki is Rob’s sister. She has travelled extensively throughout Australia and Overseas.

Whilst Vicki runs her own very successful business in education she is an avid travel enthusiast and writes for us when she can on travel and lifestyle topics.

Oh yes she, also does all the accounts and admin, because Rob is way too slack to do it.



Other Freelance Contributors

Anthony Hood – Freelance Contributor

Anthony Hood ProfileAnthony is an avid motoring enthusiast. His interests lie in performance cars, street rods, drag racing, 4WDriving and camping, burn out competitions, circuit racing and hill climbs. He tends to focus on the Prestige SUV and Performance cars.

Married with three children and a qualified diesel mechanic and fitter. Anthony doesn’t get caught up in the marketing hype of the automotive industry and brings a very laid back approach to reviewing.



Pete Wilson Freelance Contributor
Pete has been a business associate of Rob’s for over 20 years. He has been in the automotive industry for what seems like forever and loathes publicity, hence his extremely low profile.

Often involved in Rob’s misadventures, Pete is never one to mince words and has offended more than one PR person in his time. Sometimes they don’t like the truth.

He hates car launches, photos and marketing hype. Nevertheless he is a wealth of knowledge when we can get him to write for us.


Chloe Fraser – Previous Editor

OzRoamer Chloe Fraser ProfileChloe has followed her passion for brand management within the industry however still keeps her providing occasional editorial support.

She has completed a Bachelors degree in Business Studies and works for one of the automotive manufacturers. She has completed a number of internships with high end prestige brands and brings this combined knowledge in the from of consulting to the business. Chloe has participated in a number of driving courses and brings a unique perspective that is lacking elsewhere.