Porsche Cayenne S external

Porsche Cayenne S Review

The Porsche Cayenne S is everything you would expect it to be and more. It is capable of taking the family on touring holidays, will tow 3500Kg, is capable off road, has the safety features you want, has luxury and prestige and does all this while performing like a sports car. […]

2012 Lexus LX570 4WD External
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Lexus LX570 Review

The flagship of the Lexus 4WD range is the LX570. The first thing you notice about the LX570 is its sheer size but it is surprisingly manoeuvrable, with a turning circle of 11.8 metres. If you are looking for a large 4WD that is full of goodies and luxuries, is good off-road and can haul a load then you can’t do much better than the LX570. […]

BMW X5 M50d Sports AWD SUV external

BMW X5 M50d Review

The BMW X5 M50d is a gem. Don’t mistake it for an AWD SUV that you can take far off road, rather it is a sports SUV that provides fun in abundance with its awe inspiring engine and handling and reasonable owing capacity. At almost $160,000 it is expensive but could be considered a bargain […]